Tactical laser training system

Tactical laser training system

What is TAC17

Tac 17 is an effective, improved and advanced MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) alternative tactical military engagement training system.

It is a light, highly portable manworn system. Product consist of manworn laser sensor system with data logger and a weapon attached laser transmitter.

A versatile training simulator that can be easily adapted to different styles of combat training. It can be used for small or large scale operation training.

Who needs TAC17?

Our tactical laser training system can be used for:

  • Military training facilities (Army, special forces, police forces) for tactical simulation,
  • Shooting ranges – aims can be equipped with sensors which track hits (distance up to 600m),
  • Sniper training (distance up to 800m),
  • Situations when live ammo training is not viable,
  • System can be applied to any existing gear.

TAC17 is government regulated and approved:

  • Contact us to find out if you are eligible to purchase TAC17,

Tac17 features

Gather real-time data

Training data analysis

Adaptable, easy to set up.

No need for live ammo

Can be used anywhere