TAC17 description

The system is designed to train combat, tactical and firearms skills on field. It consists of two main components:

  1. A laser transmitter attached to the weapon;
  2. Laser detector – target (vest – 8 sensors, helmet – 4 sensors, which cover all 360 degrees).

The system transmits an infrared (IR) human safe laser beam, which holds coded information. The IR laser beams are detected and stored by the manworn laser detector sensors. During the operation all information is stored and can be analyzed afterwards – hits, distance, etc.. In addition, it is possible to program extra parameters in the transmitter. The time “a laser bullet flies and transmits data” to the vest is similar to real life bullet traveling speed.

How it works:

  • The laser beam is transmitted synchronously with blank shots from a real weapons.
  • The laser transmitter is attached to the barrel of the weapon.
  • The sound and vibration of the blank shot are recorded by a microphone and a vibration detector of the laser emitter.
  • The combination of these signals immediately activates the laser transmitter.

It is also possible to fire a laser beam using an external button (gun trigger) without the use of blanks. All system components are powered by 3 volt lithium batteries. All system components have a sound and LED indicators. Standard system components provide shot recording up to 800m. The laser complies with the FDA CLASS 1 laser standards. The operating time of all system components from a fully charged battery is at least 72 hours.